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#CocoJam5: "What are you looking at?"

My entry for Nitro's Coco Jam 5! It was meant to be something quick, but it took me all month..! It taught me just how much I need to optimize my workflow and prioritization. #model-viewer{ width: 100%; height: 720px; } Link

Gift: Tiny Vant 3D

My attempt at a speed sculpt for Vant Talon's birthday! Done in a couple of days. (Making it a little belated..! ^^;) Twitter Link | Happy (belated) Birthday to @Vant_Talon ! Here's what started out as a speed sculpt of smol Vant

VRChat Avatar: Tara

I want to get into making VRChat avatars, so I made one as a gift for TaraBurst! It's my first attempt at a fullbody character, and there's a lot I could improve. And truthfully it's not even fully done..! ^^; #model-viewer{

WIP: Jesse Cox

This is an older project that I'd like to return to one day. It's my first real attempt at a more complicated rig using drivers and a control panel. Some test renders, including an attempt to mimic a screenshot from

Fanart: Nova

A fanart I made of Michy's character Nova! I fell in love with her design as soon as I saw her and just had to make something of her! And that inspiration led me to finish my first ever complete